HB 2232: Electronic Monitoring of Adult Care Home Residents

Electronic monitoring (video or ‘granny-cams’) can help identify abusive or negligent situations in rooms of adult care home residents. HB 2232 allows a resident of an adult care home to electronically monitor in their living area to prevent or detect abuse or monitor care.

KABC provided comments to the Senate Public Health Committee on January 18, 2018. KABC is a strong proponent of protecting the rights of older adults and of measures that prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults in adult care homes. HB 2232 provides a reasonable avenue for an older adult to exercise the right to safety and as a means to prevent repeated or future harm, or in the instance of an elder who lacks cognitive capacity, for their legal representative to do so on the elder’s behalf.

Different versions of the bill passed the House and Senate. The bill can’t go to the Governor for his action until the legislature agrees on one version.

Full comments/testimony are available.