KABC KanCare Testimony August 21, 2015

Today, KABC’s Mitzi McFatrich testifies in the legislative committee charged with oversight of KanCare/KS Medicaid. KABC’s testimony asks legislator’s to act and address three critical areas for consumers:

1) protection of consumers’ rights to due process,
2) a rebalanced system of long-term services which support elders’ desires to live at home rather than in facilities, and
3) the need for defined KanCare goals which achieve improved health care outcomes for older adults.

She is sharing with legislator’s the new “KanCare and Your Plan of Care: Know Your Rights.” A KABC developed consumer guide attempting to fill part of the gap left by the KanCare Ombuds program which is prohibited from assisting Medicaid beneficiaries in filing and representing an appeal of a negative decision on the individual’s services or eligibility made by the insurance managed care organizations or state agency.

KABC testimony to Bethell HCBS & KanCare Oversight Committee 8-21-2015